Advent Is Weird!

In America, the few weeks before Christmas are fun, festive, and full of sugar and shopping. Most of this is great, but did you know that Christians have celebrated those weeks differently for centuries?

Advent means “something’s coming,” and it’s a 4-week season of mindful waiting.

Basically, Advent is weird. While everyone else is shopping and stressing, Christians spend Advent remembering the reason for the season and paying attention to the ways in which Christmas is needed. We try to focus on why the world has ever needed a savior, and why it still needs a savior today. That’s what this website is dedicated to.

We wait for Christmas on purpose. But it’s hard. So, our 12/25 vlog is a way of remembering Advent every day.

Want to know how this whole project started? Check out this video:


Each day at 12:25 we’ll publish a new video that will serve as a 2-5 minute reminder to pay attention to something different during Advent. Pay attention to the world that needs a savior, even if that savior comes humbly, in the form of a human child.

So, subscribe to the vlog, share stuff if you want, and make a part of your Advent practice. Hopefully it’ll be a resource that helps you wait on purpose, and waste your attention on what actually matters.

Join us as we wait, together, for 12/25!

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